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About Steve the Clerk

Steve the Clerk was born in 4th of April 2017; however, the seed of Steve had been planted already in 2012. Despite being a rather young company, the idea of an entirely new kind of a Configure-Price-Quote and business intelligence platform have been under development for many years.

During the time of developing three beta versions of our unique system, we identified the things that cause stress and anxiety among the users of business software as well as the matters causing delays and budget overruns at the adoption. Have we not such identified these things, but we have also been able to overcome them by listening and implementing the great ideas of our clients.

After several beta versions of our platform, we are proud to announce that the next generation Steve the Clerk platform is released in November 2018.

We believe that salespeople should focus more on the things that cannot be solved by technology. These things are social interaction and, building trust and rapport with clients. Things that your competitors will find very difficult to compete with or copy.


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