World's easiest way to create a quote.

With our CPQ software we help our clients to have more time for things that matter.

Speedier quote process

Companies often manifest how customer-focused they are, yet at the same time, their processes are not supporting this idea. Instead of your salespeople spending most of their time on preparing quotes, finalising orders and double-checking the information on the documents, Steve the Clerk enables them to really have the time to focus on the customer, which will result in more and better sales as well as happier and more loyal customers.

More information

Comprehensive information plays an important role not just in your sales process, but also in the overall process efficiency of your business. The other processes after sales need to have enough information for them to operate. Also, your customer will require comprehensive information on your products and services to make a purchase decision.

Producing all this information is often very time consuming and is vulnerable to human errors. Steve the Clerk ensures comprehensive and accurate information for your internal and external needs in the blink of an eye.

Better quality information

As previously highlighted that the ability to easily produce comprehensive information from a sale has a dramatic impact on your overall process efficiency. However, it is not just about the quantity of information, since you also need to have top-notch quality information for your other processes to have the means to succeed. Steve the Clerk provides you with information that you can always rely on.



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Steve's strengths

Steve is a perfect sales assistant, whose expertise is in Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and business intelligence. A guy who never sleeps, eats or gets tired.

Steve works 24 hours a day all year round. Steve will help the salespeople to identify the customers’ needs, and respond with the best solutions.

Fast implementation process.

Our innovative system ensures a swift implementation and great maintainability. Contact us and we’ll show you how.

Visual interfaces.

Our system is user-friendly and meets the needs and expectations of today’s market.

Flexible and modular.

The flexibility of Steve the Clerk will ensure that the system adapts to the needs of your organization.

Centralized sales process.

Single web-based platform for quotes, documents, and communication make Steve the Clerk a valuable member of your organization.

Tailored modules.

Steve The Clerk can create a modular and flexible solution, tailored to the requirements of your organization. Steve’s team will ensure the best fit for your needs.

Integrations with other systems.

Steve the Clerk can be integrated into your ERP, CRM, CAD or PDM systems.