We are proud to present a new version of Steve the Clerk CPQ software.

This version of system is faster, easier to use, and more functional. In this version, Steve the Clerk tried to combine customer feedback with a strategy to make CPQ software easy to use. So far, we did a great job. We hope you will love it!


This version of our CPQ software has crucial changes in performance speed. One of the essential feedback from our customers related to the loading speed of the system, in fact, that they had a massive product with lots of parts and rules involved. It is not a big deal to wait for 6-10 seconds before the product is loaded, but when you need to do that 10-12 times a day, it can become annoying. But when your product is vast and complex, you could wait up to a minute. During the process of creation of the new version, we involved better technologies and made better decisions in software development. As a result, we’ve got an impressive rate of data processing.

Easier to use

In this version we have improved usability of software and implemented modern solutions for SaaS applications. We made for our CPQ software well-planned architecture and created visual interfaces. Moreover, we redesigned the navigation of software and combined all interfaces into one platform to satisfy our customers even more.

Functional upgrades

The most valuable expansion of functionality is related to the product configuration process. We simplified the implementation logic of our customer’s product into our CPQ software. Moreover, we added significant features to the system, so our customers could use the software without any deficiency. Furthermore, to have a better experience, we created several tools that can make the whole process smoother.

One of the most significant changes in functionality is the expansion of printouts settings configuration. From now, you can create dynamic documents for each of your product. This feature becomes more flexible and will allow our customers to have more tools to create a document that will fulfill their needs.

Besides, we prepared a place where our customers can store all related elements of their products. All you need is to import elements required, and for that, we have excel importer and exporter tools.


If you have more questions, book a demo on our website.