Do you have any of following challenges?

Want to increase your sales? Or your product consists of a vast number of different items and components and you want to reduce the mistakes that happen on your quotes? Maybe the complexity of your product is so high, so you need to spend a lot of time teaching your salespeople to sell your product? Or you are tired or spreading information about continuous changes in pricing or configuration of the product? Maybe you even want to get rid of most paperwork related to sales that you have to care of. Then you surely need to check CPQ software which purpose is to help with all the listed challenges.

Benefits of using CPQ

It can be your solution!

Steve the Clerk CPQ offers speedy implementation process. When a product structure is created on the software, you can smoothly modify the configuration if needed.  All created are quotes stored in the system and you can create quotes in the sales UI on any device. Moreover, you can create dynamic document configurations and have all required documents right away once you made a quote.

CPQ software opens a world to a straightforward sales process where the only thing you need to care is relationships with your customer. With CPQ you have more time for real meetings and even searching for new clients. Sounds good, right?

As a result of using CPQ software, you can increase your sales, shorten the sales cycle, and improve lead conversion ratio. You can find more information on our website.