Let's find out why.

One day, I had this eye-opening conversation with one salesperson of the benefits of a CPQ. As a sales software provider, I wanted to learn how different people approach and make sales. At one point, I asked him what he likes the most on his job. He told me that he likes the people.

Then he continued; “Doing sales with people is great, and that’s something I feel I’m good at.” So, we continued the conversation, and at some point, I ended up asking him how much work does it take from him to create a quote and all the other documents. He stared at me for a second, and after a deep sigh, he said; “To be honest with you, I don’t like the paperwork at all. If I were to decide, someone else would do it for me”.

He elaborated on this point by stating that the most tedious part of his job is creating the documents. For a reason, that it takes so much time and concentration to check and double-check the correctness of every paper.

I really understood why he felt like that as he is very outgoing and good with people. This conversation led me to think that what if we just cut the chain stocks off from these sales tigers and let them just run out there doing the thing in which they are best at and are in essence hired for.

Meaning of CPQ for salespeople

What can help?

One might think that if we would just let the salespeople sell, they would make way too many mistakes with pricing and by promising solutions that cannot be delivered. It’s too risky. They would do too much damage. Based on our experience, this is not the case.

Modern technologies allow embedding software into the working process to simplify and optimize all the tasks for employees. As a particular solution for the salespeople, it can be a CPQ software which will take most of the paperwork from a salesperson by creating all needed documents and forms itself. In other words, it will leave more time for things that matter. Moreover, a salesperson will be satisfied with his work by making more and better sales.

We claim that CPQ software is the key here. The rules and logic of the products created in the configuration prevent the salespeople from selling impossible solutions and mispricing the products.

Isn’t it a good reason to try CPQ software? You can check our CPQ software and let your salespeople find their inner tiger. Rawr!